wire fencing products

Laversdale Timber Carlisle & Wigton has its own brand of stock fencing manufactured in the UK. We can supply a wide range of wire products suitable for both agricultural and domestic use.
Laversdale Timber are a distributor of Tornado Wire a nationally recognised market leader. We keep stock of both high tensile and mild steel stock fence and many specialist types such as deer, pheasant friendly and hedge bottom. Other wire fencing, such as badger, otter and poultry, are available to order. Mild steel and high tensile barbwire is also available in 200 metre rolls. To complement our wire we supply a range of wire gripples, the market leader of wire joiners and tensioners, designed to suit a whole range of applications.

Wire Netting & Mesh

We have a comprehensive range of galvanised wire netting to meet your needs. We have a choice of heights and sizes from 600mm to 1800mm which have a diverse application, from fruit cages to rabbit netting to poultry runs. For a more robust finish we can supply weld mesh in a choice of sizes.

Electric Fencing

Rutland and Patura are the market leaders in electric fencing in the UK. Their products, expertise and distribution network to ensure you obtain the best electric fence for your animal control, whether it is for farm animals, horses, wildlife, vermin or pets.
Electric fencing can provide safe and secure boundaries for permanent, semi-permanent or temporary applications at a cost lower then conventional fences.

Electrical Accessories

Our comprehensive range of accessories can be used in many applications from fencing your horses and cattle to protecting your garden, pets and poultry.

Temporary Electric Fence Systems

This type of fence needs to be moved regularly and can be constructed using battery or solar powered energisers, steel or plastic posts for single or multi wire fences and polywire, tape, rope or nets.

Semi-Permanent Electric Fence Systems

These would usually consist of a fence designed to stay in the same place for up to a year or two. They are best used for horses, outdoor pigs, poultry, or to protect a new crop planting from vermin.

Permanent Electric Fence Systems

Good installation is the key for successful permanent fences. Solid corner posts, must be very firmly installed at all corners, changes of fence line direction.

available wire products

barbed wire
  • C8/80/15 Laversdale Brand 50m
  • C8/80/15 Laversdale Brand 100m
  • HT8/80/15 Laversdale Brand 100m
  • Silver Barb
  • Green Barb
  • Green Rylock C8/80/15 50m

  • Green Raylock Vulcan H.T.
  • Plain wire 3.15mm or 4mm 25kg
  • L5/65/15 50m
  • L8/80/15 50m
  • L7/65/15
  • HT8/80/15 300m Roll
  • C8/50/15 Silver Tornado 50m

  • C8/50/15 Silver Tornado 50m
  • HT8/80/15 Silver Tornado 100m
  • H.T. Barb
  • H.T. Plain wire 2.5mm or 3.15mm 25kg
  • L13/122/8 50m
  • B8/80/15 50m
welded mesh wire
Welded Mesh Wire
  • 36" x ¾" x ¾" 16g 6m
  • 36" x 1" x 1" 16g 6m
  • 36" x 1" x ½" 19g 6m
  • 48" x 1" x 1" 16g 6m

  • 36" x ½" x ½" 19g 6m
  • 36" x 1" x 1" 19g 6m
  • 24" x ¾" x ¾" 16g 6m
  • 24" x 1" x 1" 16g 6m
wire netting
Netting Wire
  • Rabbit Net 1050 x 31 x 19g 50m
  • Rabbit Net 1050 x 31 x 18g (heavy) 50m
  • Rabbit Net 1200 x 31 x 18g (heavy) 50m
  • Rabbit Net 1200 x 31 x 19g 50m
  • Rabbit Net 1800 x 50 x 19g 50m
  • Rabbit Net 1800 x 25 x 20g 50m

  • Rabbit Net 600 x 25 x 22g 10m
  • Rabbit Net 600 x 25 x 22g 10m
  • Rabbit Net 900 x 25 x 22g 10m
  • Rabbit Net 900 x 13 x 22g 10m
  • Rabbit Net 1200 x 25 x 22g 10m
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